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admixture in concrete

admixture in concrete


ATEK has positioned itself as a company that not only has revitalized the domestic markets for ployurea as well as for admixtures for construction, but also has exported them overseas by securing time-honored know-how and experts with professional talent. 

In particular, we have contributed ever more to the domestic technology for shotcrete through building up the production technology and experts for accelerators for tunnels. Based on that foundation, we have achieved exporting them, allowing ATEK to have grown to become a company with ever increasing recognition from overseas.

The management and employees of ATEK have involved ourselves in business with more sweat and higher passion than ever before to provide products of better quality. With the continuous research and development endeavors as our platform, we promise that ATEK will grow to become one of the best companies in the world. 


CEO Lee Hong Sik